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demoncrossThe Demon Cross

Private investigator Rennie Avalon’s current job seems simple: to find and regain an antique book purloined from the collection of an elderly archivist. But nothing is ever that simple for Rennie.

The book in question is no ordinary book: once the property of a high-ranking Nazi official with occult obsessions.

The thief in question is no ordinary thief: a white supremacist who’ll use any means necessary to accomplish his mission of hate.

But Rennie Avalon is no ordinary private eye.

Now with dangers looming on a literally apocalyptic scale, will her past experience dealing with the darkness be enough?

Unavailable since its first appearance as an online serial in 2002, The Demon Cross is here presented for the first time in one volume, specially edited and revised for this edition. Also included is the first chapter of Brother’s Keeper, the next Avalon & Company adventure.

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