LEVELS Arithmetic, and Free Giveaway!

If you’re detail-oriented (or obsessive), you may have noticed that, while Levels is listed as having seventeen stories, only sixteen story excerpts have shown up here. That’s not a mistake; one story, “Special Guest Stars,” is a flash-fiction piece, and a five-hundred-word excerpt would contain the entire story. Gotta preserve some mystery, you know.

Also, reminder:

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by Nathan Shumate

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3 thoughts on “LEVELS Arithmetic, and Free Giveaway!

  1. The word “Arithmatic” + the picture on the book cover –> brings to mind Dan Akroyd’s “Bass-O-Matic” of yore.

    • it would probably help if I checked my spelling in my post titles, huh? Fixed.

      • I’m glad it was there. I hadn’t thought about the Bass-O-Matic in decades. It’s still a funny “gag”.

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