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The rest of the SPACE ELDRITCH II lineup

Be wary of silence, because it only means that machinations are going on behind the curtain.  Here are the rest of the contributors to SPACE ELDRITCH II, which should be invading your dreams by the end of the month.

D.J. Butler, another veteran of the first SPACE ELDRITCH volume, is a lawyer by training, but he’s been writing speculative fiction for all audiences since 2010. His Mormon steampunk novel City of the Saints was shortlisted for the 2012 Whitney Awards. His forthcoming novel, Crecheling, is a YA post-apocalyptic adventure that’s awesome.  His contribution to SEII is “Seed,” and might not be safe for work (depending on where you work).

David J. West, another returning contributor to the first SPACE ELDRITCH, writes adventure in all its forms: historic, fantastic, and science-fic.  His first novel is Heroes of the Fallen, and his next novel, Bless the Child, is coming soon.  His story for SEII is “The Queen in Darkness.”

Larry Correia is the New York Times bestselling author of the Monster Hunter International series, the award winning Grimnoir Chronicles trilogy (Hard Magic, Spellbound, and Warbound), and the military thrillers Dead Six and Swords of Exodus, all available from Baen Books. He has also written novellas and the novel Into the Storm for Privateer Press set in their Warmachine universe, and published over a dozen short stories in various anthologies. Larry was a Campbell finalist for best new writer in 2011, a Verlanger finalist for best novel in France, and has won two Audie Awards for best audiobook. His story for SEII is “Dead Waits Dreaming.”

Eric James Stone is a Nebula Award winner, Hugo Award nominee, and winner in the Writers of the Future Contest, and has had stories published in Year’s Best SF 15, Analog, Nature, and Kevin J. Anderson’s Blood Lite anthologies of humorous horror, among other venues.  Over two dozen of his tales can be found in his collection Rejiggering the Thingamajig and Other Stories.  In addition to his day job as a website programmer, Eric is an assistant editor for Intergalactic Medicine Show.  His story for SEII is “The Humans in the Walls.”

Steve Diamond runs Elitist Book Reviews, which was nominated for the 2013 Hugo Award for Best Fanzine. He has published several short stories, and has several more pieces of short fiction forthcoming through Skull Island eXpeditions in the Warmachine universe. His story for SEII is “Within the Walls.”

Howard Tayler is the writer and illustrator behind Schlock Mercenary, the Hugo-nominated science fiction comic strip. Howard is also featured on the Parsec award-winning and Hugo-nominated “Writing Excuses” podcast, a weekly ’cast for genre-fiction writers. His contribution to SEII, set in the same universe as his story in the first SPACE ELDRITCH, is “Fall of the Runewrought.”

Are you salivating yet?


Arcane III? Unfortunately, no.

Sorry to announce that there will be no Arcane III — at least, not for the foreseeable future.  Both of the first two anthologies are solid, enjoyable work that I’m fiercely proud of (without foundation, as I didn’t actually write any of those incredible stories), but sales have been sluggish; at the current rate, even the first volume is years away from breaking even.

However, to assuage your sorrow, remember that Space Eldritch II: The Haunted Stars is due for release in early autumn, and there are other projects coming together that should give you that exciting little tingle at the base of your spine.

SPACE ELDRITCH II begins coagulating…

Yes, there will be a sequel volume to SPACE ELDRITCH (currently, though tentatively, entitled SPACE ELDRITCH II: THE HAUNTED STARS), and several contributors have already finished their stories. Allow me to introduce them, won’t you?

Steven L. Peck is the author of The Scholar of Moab, which won the Association of Mormon Letters award for best novel published in 2011, and A Short Stay in Hell, a short novel which still gives me nightmares.  His story for SEII is “Plague Ship.”

Michael R. Collings, HWA Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of over 100 books (ranging from horror novels to epic poetry to seminal studies of Stephen King), returns to SEII with a follow-up to his contribution to the first SPACE ELDRITCH.  Prepare yourself for “Space Opera: Episode Two–The Great Old One Strikes Back.”

Michaelbrent Collings, son of Michael R. Collings above, is a screenwriter and #1 Amazon bestselling horror and thriller novelist who writes at a stupendous velocity; his second novel released this year (unless I missed one) is Strangers. He brings to SEII a charming little family drama called “A Darklight Call’d on the Long Last Night of the Soul.”

Robert J. Defendi, another veteran of the first SPACE ELDRITCH, is a past winner of Writers of the Future and a game designer.  His story, set in the same universe as his first SPACE ELDRITCH contribution, is “The Implant.”

Nathan Shumate (hey, that’s me!) instigated SPACE ELDRITCH and its second volume, and edits the Arcane anthology series available on this site.  His story is “Full Dark.”

And that is merely the beginning…

[Don’t know what all the hoopla is about? You owe it to yourself to check out SPACE ELDRITCH here!]

Appearing at CONduit.

For those of you in Utah and environs, I’ll be at CONduit, the local Salt Lake City con, May 24-26.  I’ll have a table in the dealers room with print copies of Arcane, Arcane II, Space Eldritch, and The Golden Age of Crap.  I’ll also be appearing on some panels, but I don’t know what they are yet because the schedule still isn’t published.

Back from the void!

cover-webWhere have we been? In the benighted Land of Server Meltdown, that’s where. And when our host’s server went belly-up, they discovered belatedly that their backups didn’t exist, giving all of their clients the unenviable task of constructing all of their content from scratch.  As you may hope, our hosting dollars are now going to another firm.  We’ve still got to put some finishing touches on things around here, but all in all, it’s a successful resurrection. Herbert West, eat your heart out!

But now that we’re back, we have an announcement: the dead-tree edition of Arcane II is finally for sale! It makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift, you know [he said ominously].