SPACE ELDRITCH II begins coagulating…

Yes, there will be a sequel volume to SPACE ELDRITCH (currently, though tentatively, entitled SPACE ELDRITCH II: THE HAUNTED STARS), and several contributors have already finished their stories. Allow me to introduce them, won’t you?

Steven L. Peck is the author of The Scholar of Moab, which won the Association of Mormon Letters award for best novel published in 2011, and A Short Stay in Hell, a short novel which still gives me nightmares.  His story for SEII is “Plague Ship.”

Michael R. Collings, HWA Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of over 100 books (ranging from horror novels to epic poetry to seminal studies of Stephen King), returns to SEII with a follow-up to his contribution to the first SPACE ELDRITCH.  Prepare yourself for “Space Opera: Episode Two–The Great Old One Strikes Back.”

Michaelbrent Collings, son of Michael R. Collings above, is a screenwriter and #1 Amazon bestselling horror and thriller novelist who writes at a stupendous velocity; his second novel released this year (unless I missed one) is Strangers. He brings to SEII a charming little family drama called “A Darklight Call’d on the Long Last Night of the Soul.”

Robert J. Defendi, another veteran of the first SPACE ELDRITCH, is a past winner of Writers of the Future and a game designer.  His story, set in the same universe as his first SPACE ELDRITCH contribution, is “The Implant.”

Nathan Shumate (hey, that’s me!) instigated SPACE ELDRITCH and its second volume, and edits the Arcane anthology series available on this site.  His story is “Full Dark.”

And that is merely the beginning…

[Don’t know what all the hoopla is about? You owe it to yourself to check out SPACE ELDRITCH here!]

5 thoughts on “SPACE ELDRITCH II begins coagulating…

  1. Will this one be on nook and dead tree edition at the time of it’s release or will it be like the first?

    • Ebook first, to be followed by print. The print layout takes longer to prepare, so the only other option is to wait the ebook release on having the print edition ready, and that would mean everyone has to wait longer to experience the awesome.

      • Understandable there. I just never liked the ebooks. I prefer holding the book in my hand as opposed to reading a screen. Will the printed edition arrive a bit sooner than the first or about the same time?

        • I’m going to try to get it out a little sooner to give more of a cushion for Christmas, but I can make no promises.

          • Awesome! Can’t wait. Trying is all that matters. ^_^

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