What does 2017 hold for Cold Fusion Media?

Projects on the horizon?  You betcha!  Here they are, in chronological order of future appearance (which is to say, in order of most to least likely to be released in 2017):

— A second edition of The Golden Age of Crap in print and ebook, complete with multiple full-color reproductions of poster and video cover art for each movie reviewed (where available), plus an index!

— The second print volume collecting the CheapCaffeine webcomic, entitled Fundaments of Platypism!

— A second volume of The Golden Age of Crap!

— The Silver Age of Crap, a similar tome covering B-movies during the age of DVD rentals!

— A third, as-yet untitled volume of CheapCaffeine comics!

Plus giveaways, in-person-only specials (at Salt Lake City FanX, Salt Lake Comic Con, and possibly some Halloween-themed events later in the year), and some barely-glimpsed whosits and whatsits!


One thought on “What does 2017 hold for Cold Fusion Media?

  1. I’m definitely up for a second volume of “Golden Age of Crap”!

    I hope at some point the Cold Fusion Video Reviews website comes back. I wasn’t finished reading it all the way through when it went down, though I was lucky enough to have saved several hundred reviews.

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