Attention for Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply

ethnic albanians frontThe Last Christmas Gift isn’t the only book getting attention.  The New Podler Reviews has kind things to say about Ethnic Albanians Need Not Apply: A CheapCaffeine Collection:

As XKCD and Tree Lobsters have shown, one does not need complex drawings or even original images to have a successful comic. It’s all about content and context. Could Shumate have drawn the strip from scratch? Sure. But instead, he’s hit upon a great idea: Use old images from yesteryear and juxtapose historical settings with modern problems to bring the funny. For example, an illustration of a Victorian era couple in the study becomes the visual basis for a wife complaining to her husband about his credit card charges to “”.

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Another great recommendation for The Last Christmas Gift

cover-200From novelist Dave Butler:

Nathan Shumate is famous on the Wasatch Front as an editor, cover designer, and anthologist, but here he shows that he can also shine as a writer. The Last Christmas Gift is the funniest and goriest story you’re likely to read this Christmas season — Charles Dickens, eat your heart out!

(Wouldn’t really say “famous,” but…)

Terrific new review for The Last Christmas Gift!

cover-200Dr. Michael Collings, who definitely “knows his shiz,” had this to say about The Last Christmas Gift:

There are twists and surprises; and there are moments when one becomes aware of just how much care Shumate put into crafting his story. And on the whole, as befits the Season, it keeps its promises. It is a delightful, shuddery, memorable, one-sitting read.

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Book Launch – THE LAST CHRISTMAS GIFT: A Heartwarming Holiday Tale of the Living Dead

It’s Christmas in July! Coming July 24, the official launch of The Last Christmas Gift: A Heartwarming Holiday Tale of the Living Dead.


Malcolm’s grandfather is his best friend.

So when Granpap dies on Christmas Eve, Malcolm desperately tries to bring him back by using the cursed fetish doll that Malcolm’s father sent him before disappearing in Vietnam.

But he does something wrong. Granpap revives — but so does everyone in the cemetery across the street…

There’s an official launch event at Facebook, and you’re all invited! Contests and prizes and oodles of fun!