Levels: Fantastic and Macabre Stories

cover-smallThe editor and publisher of the Arcane and Space Eldritch anthologies now presents you with seventeen of his own short stories. From post-apocalyptic communities to existential wastelands, from black comedy to dark absurdism, from visceral shock to Lovecraftian dread, the seventeen unsettling stories in this collection are guaranteed to ensnare your imagination.

“These tales are the macabre, elegant, folksy, wise, and macabre gift of a master storyteller, and not to be missed. Did I mention that they’re macabre?”
-D.J. Butler, author of Rock Band Fights Evil and Crécheling

“Fun, exciting, all-around a good read… everything you’d expect from this writer.”
-Michaelbrent Collings, author of This Darkness Light and The Colony Saga

“Not only exciting and creepy but deeply hilarious.”
-Dan Wells, author of I Am Not A Serial Killer and the Partials series

Print edition available for $8.99 at Amazon

Ebook edition available for $2.99 at Amazon or Smashwords

One thought on “Levels: Fantastic and Macabre Stories

  1. Oh man can’t believe this has been available since March. I made sure to sign up again for the newsletter so I don’t miss future releases.

    I’m still re-reading stories from the awesome “Shared Nightmares” and have Eldritch I & II in the queue but “Levels” is moving to the top of the queue.

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